Finnish Sauna & ice swimming

Finnish sauna has been everyday wellness for centuries. Sauna even decreases the blood pressure – at least for the moment. Ice swimming is a popular winter sport in Finland. It also has several good impacts for your health.

Lapland bathing oasis gathers the group to enjoy and relax by the beautiful scenery. Prices include introduction to the Finnish Sauna culture, towels, shampoo & soap. You only need a bathing suit (voluntary) with you. Refreshments are available. They are charged by consumption.

Two saunas are heated on request. Please note that during weekends & high season sauna bookings between 16:00 – 19:00 includes table reservation for Riihi restaurant.

**Ice swimming & Arctic sauna

For a truly unique life experience, you can try the floating Arctic sauna that is on the ice-locked surface of the lake Immeljärvi. The Arctic sauna heats you up with its wood fired warmth. You can follow this with refreshing plunge into an actual Arctic lake that is beautifully illuminated from below the ice. You can also warm up in the Hot Spring outdoor hot-tubs while gazing up the Northern Lights.
To complete the sauna experience, snacks and refreshments can be enjoyed next to a roaring open fire after your sauna under the Arctic stars. The “ice” sauna has capacity for up to 15 persons.

* Arctic sauna & ice swimming 28 € / person.        min. 320 €/ 2h
Optional: Outdoor Hot Tub (6 persons) 160 € / group or
2 x Outdoor Hot Tub (2 x 6 persons) 280 € / group

**Traditional smoke sauna

There is also a magical smoke sauna on the lakeshore of the Immelkartano Estate. Smoke saunas are the original traditional saunas that are now quite rare and treasured in Finland. They provide a mystical “löyly” – a combination of heat, steam and atmosphere, and are highly prized by sauna aficionados because of the deep relaxation it delivers.
From the smoke sauna you can also discover a new extreme sensation of cooling off by periodically taking a dip into the Arctic waters lake Immeljärvi or you can try a roll in the soft powder snow. You can also feel the 50 degrees difference between the weather and outdoor hot pool.
To complete the sauna experience, snacks and refreshments can be enjoyed next to a roaring open fire after your sauna under the Northern Lights. The smoke sauna has capacity for up to 15 persons.

Traditional smoke sauna, outdoor hot bath & ice swimming
170 eur + 28 € /person,       min. 480 €/ 2h

**Sauna safari

Enjoy a memorable Arctic sauna experience on the waters of Lake Immeljärvi on our floating sauna boat. Gaze over the land while bathing under the light of the midnight sun or during the autumn while the forests are covered with the vivid Arctic fall colors. Our boat captain will take you to the best swimming and fishing places. And if you lucky enough to catch some fish, you can grill your own trout at the end of the safari! There is room for up to 15 people. The floating sauna is available from June through September.

* Summertime sauna safari 28 €/ person.              min. 380 €/ 2h

Towels, shampoo and shower gel are included in the price. There are alcohol licenses at both saunas. Beverages will be charged by consumption.

Bookings on weekends and high season at 4 pm – 7 pm. include table reservation to Restaurant Riihi. See menus.


Arctic Ceremony 18 € / person

Mind and body pures in a Sami lake and participant gets a
wooden Lappish cup, schnaps –kuksa, as a souvenir
Written name to the kuksa 1 €/ kuksa

Sauna Snacks:

  • Finnish sausage 2 € / pce
  • +Coleslaw salad 4,50 € / person
  • Rye Nachos with smoked reindeer dip 3,50 eur/ person
  • Open sandwich with smoked reindeer 5 € / pce
  • Open sandwich with smoked salmon 5 € / pce
  • Salted nuts 9 eur/ bowl 4 dl
  • Air dried reindeer meat, “jerky” 25 eur/ bowl 4 dl